Who we are

Bright and enthusiastic people come together providing a dynamic and challenging environment. An international team with the purpose to innovate and build meaningful projects. An engaging culture of multidisciplinary expertise that is passionate about making a world-changing impact. 

Living in a world of marked inequalities in the perception of the reality around us. Our non-acquaintance disables us to live and sustain in the thriving world. Our aim of being able to implement structures such as the SDGs, to promote and be successful in creating sustainable projects is greatly emphasized by building bridges to raise awareness among the population on the Global Goals.

United in collaboration with the creative agency ONE-STOP we create The SEE. A Network where people meet to share ideas, knowledge and strategies with the sole aim to build bridges raising awareness among the general public on common sustainable objectives and purposes.


The Harpalium Initiative is a non-profit Think Do-tank with the head square in Geneva Switzerland. 

​Harpalium aims to Explore, Create, Support ideas, tools and strategies to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Alliance for a sustainable world where organisations and citizens of the world take action together in a holistic manner, pooling financial resources, knowledge and expertise for the achievement of the Agenda 2030 For People by People. 

Our core project is the conclusion of research entitled "Harpalium the Socio-Economic Experiment System". Hence the title of our series. Our focus is to seek to use the benefits of innovative technology to improve Social equity and financial inclusion. With a strong interest in reducing artificial inequalities through alternative socio-economic instruments.

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"Il existe une chose plus puissante que toutes les armes du monde. C'est une idée dont l'heure est venue"

Victor Hugo


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